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The International Language Of Screaming
Creation CRESCD269
  1. The International Language Of Screaming [#]
  2. Wrap It Up
  3. Foxy Music [#]
  4. nO.K.

  5. Click audio to hear an audio sample or # to see tab/chords where available; song titles link to lyrics.
Highest chart position: 24
Release date: 14 July 1997

  • Some of the best B-Sides SFA have ever done appeared on this release. Wrap It Up is an anthemic song about keeping warm and being confused (?!) and Foxy Music is a familiar-sounding melody (which sounds more than a little like 'I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing') with lyrics about the perils of having red hair.
  • nO.K. is the acoustic backing track from I.L.O.S., which features the English alphabet (except 'K') followed by the Welsh alphabet.
  • This release's welsh wisdom: "Teg edrych tuag adref".

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